Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Look: Welcome to the Blog of a Prolific Photographer

Welcome to the Blog of a Prolific Photographer, formerly "Thy memory be as a dwelling place..."

I spent about three hours last night reverse-engineering the HTML of my blog (I've never actually learned how to use HTML explicitly, but my experience in VB is enough to get me through). I gave it a new name, theme and look, and perhaps a (new) direction.

As much as I enjoy the whole Romanticism thing, and have in no way renounced that, I decided that a) this suited ME better, b) the black background brings out the pictures better and c) I needed something a bit more modern. Sublimity is all very well, but a bit dated...
The colours and arrangement are a work in progress, but for the most part the transformation is complete...

Hopefully I'll be inspired to post a little more often about more than just baking, although in my opinion, my baking fits nicely into photography, in a way - and I already have some ideas -, but we shall see...

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