Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sharp Shooter South Africa

On Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a photographer hunkered down patiently over a patch of flowers outside the Wits Great Hall. I know I am fairly unusual for carrying my camera in my pocket literally at all times, but sometimes I feel like there aren't any photographers around.

It is for this reason that I was ecstatic to hear about Sharp Shooter: South Africa. Tomorrow, MNet will  broadcast the debut episode of a South African first: a photography reality show. The show promises to present an entirely new kind of reality, that seen through the beloved lens. I read up about it here earlier this week, and needless to say, I'm pretty amped to see where it goes:

"In Sharp Shooter, 15 photographers are chosen from all walks of life - from amateurs to professionals, students to housewives. The show reveals how the contestants match their photographic and interpersonal skills across a wide range of photographic disciplines – fashion, abstract, product and destination photography. The cinematic treatment of the show makes it different to anything ever seen before, and takes “reality” to a totally new level."

My photography is purely amateur. At some point, I picked up my first point and shoot, fell in love with the beautiful light and never looked back. I subscribe to a South African photography magazine (Pix) and follow the pictures of my photographer friends, learning from their experiences as well as my own. I am therefore interested to see how more experienced amateur and professional photographers work when given real tasks. I want to see how they interpret a scene, make choices, both in the moment and in the digital dark-room, and express their impression of the world.
It's a strange and exciting idea; I hope they pull it off - it's always nice to see photographers doing their thing.

Sharp Shooter: South Africa airs on MNet at 17:30 tomorrow (Sunday, 7th November)

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