Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Bold Statement: Facebook Note Editor

At times in the past, I've encountered those chain-notes that float around on Facebook extracting secrets, surprises and truths from people before fading and vanishing into the void. I duly pass along those that amuse or intrigue me, and - being me - I can't resist fiddling with the basic HTML-esque code that the lay user can insert into their notes to spice them up a little.

The problem was that in order to achieve a fairly simple look like this:

I needed to manually open and close each part of the HTML code around exactly the text I wanted formatted, which was a drag - although well worth it. The code for basic formatting ends up looking something like this:

Too simple and tedious to be fun for more than a special few. Ahem...

I therefore decided to try my hand at an editor that would make wonders of Facebook note formatting more readily accessible. I had very little hands on experience with HTML and web page coding, but my years of self taught VB counted for something. After banging my head against a wall of HTML for a few days, I finally cracked it (the wall, not my head). Pretty soon after that, I had constructed a passable note editor.

The main window, at rest

Editing. Just select a word, phrase or paragraph and click one of the format buttons along the top to
apply the corresponding fbHTML code. The colours help keep track of text and code.

The same text as published on facebook

A quick redesign of the splash screen at the suggestion of a friend who claimed the original one wasn't bold enough made it shine and live up to its name, and now I upload the first incarnation.

I know there are a some bugs; let me know about them and I'll do what I can for the next version. Also, there's a high likelihood that I've slipped up here and there, or left something out or could have done something better. Once again, tell me so I can attempt a remedy...

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